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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Domegan, C. (2010). "The History of Marketing Thought: A Teaching Reflection". Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 2, 457-466.
Domegan, C., Davison, K. & McCauley, V. (2010). "Realising the Management Challenges for Science Communication Outreach: A Social Marketing perspective". Journal of Irish Management, 30, 89-108.
Domegan, C. (2008) "Social Marketing: Implications for Contemporary Marketing Practices Classification Scheme". Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 23 (2), 135-141.
Davison, K., McCauley, V., Domegan, C. & McClune, W., (2008) “A report for the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South, (SCoTENS)". Centre for Cross Border Studies, NI.

Non Peer Reviewed Publications

Domegan, C., Davison, K., & McCauley, V. (2008) “Mapping Science Communication, Outreach and Public Engagement in Ireland: Key Survey Findings” Forfas, Dublin, Ireland

Book Chapters

Marques, S. & Domegan, C. (2011). "Relationship Marketing and Implications for Social Marketing". In: Hastings, G., Angus, K. & Bryant, C. (eds.) Handbook of Social Marketing. UK: Sage.

Conference Papers

Domegan, C. (2011). Keynote address: "The Co-creation of Value". World Social Marketing Conference, Dublin, April.
Domegan, C. (2011). Keynote address: "Partnerships in Social Change". World Social Marketing Conference, Dublin, April.
Domegan, C. & Hastings, G. (2010). "On Social Marketing, Social Change". ISM-Open University Conference, 3rd November.
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010) "From Autocratic Governance to Collaborative Empowerment; Extending Social Marketing to Science Policy". ISM-Open University Conference, November.
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010) "Systematic Reviews and Co-Creating Collaborative Change". ISM-Open University Conference, November.
Domegan, C., Cunningham, J. & McHugh, P. (2009) "Knowledge Changing lives for good". First Annual Social Marketing conference, May.
Domegan, C. (2009) "A new role for social marketing: engaging the public with science". 8th International congress on Public and Non-Profit Marketing.
Domegan, C. & McIlrath, L. (2009) "For the greater good: Locating civic engagement within service learning and social marketing". Higher Education and Civic Engagement Partnerships: Create, Challenge, Change. Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin, 4-5 June.
Domegan, C. & McIlrath, L. (2009) "Balancing the consumer and the citizen: service learning and social marketing". Changing lives for good: First Annual Social Marketing Conference, May.
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010). "Systematic Reviews: Their Emerging Role in Connecting Theory and Policy". In: Proceedings of Irish Social Sciences Platform Conference 2009, National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2010.
Domegan, C. & Davison, K. (2008) "Mapping Science Communication in Ireland". Science in Irish Society Conference.
Domegan, C. (2008) "Applying Contemporary Social Marketing to Science Communication and Outreach: Meeting the Challenges of a Knowledge Economy". World Social Marketing Conference.
Domegan, C. & Davison, K. (2008) "Assessing and Evaluating Science Communication and Outreach Activities in Ireland through Social Marketing: Supporting the Knowledge Economy Through Innovative and Interdisciplinary Approaches". ISSP Annual Conference “After the Celtic Tiger”, Dublin City University, 11-12 September.
Domegan, C. (2008) "Contemporary Social Marketing and The Barriers and Obstacles for Science Communication and Outreach in a Knowledge based Society". Irish Academy of Management.
Davison, K., McCauley, V., Domegan, C., McClune, B & Jarman, R. (2008) "Building Effective Science Outreach Strategies". Joint NUI Galway and Queen’s University Belfast SCoTENS Annual Conference.


Domegan, C. (2011). "Co-creation of Value in the Public Sector". European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) Workshop NUI, Galway, June.
Domegan, C. & Hastings, G. (2011). "Assimilating Social Marketing with Service Dominant Logic". Grand Challenge in Service Week, FMM 2010 Forum on Markets and Marketing.
Domegan, C. (2009) "Upstream Relationships partnerships in social innovation". MSc Social marketing course.
Lee, N. & Domegan, C. (2009) "Delivering Social Innovation through Upstream". CISC Seminar, May.
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