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Hirshch-Kreinsen, H. & Jacobson, D. (eds.) (2008) 'Innovation in Low-Tech Firms and Industries'. Aldershot, UK:Edward Elgar

Book Chapters

Jacobson, D. & Musyck, B. (2008) “LMT Innovations in a High-Tech Environment: Human-Factor ‘Tools’ For the Airline Industry”. In H. Hirsch-Kreinsen and D. Jacobson (eds.) 'Innovation in Low-Tech Firms and Industries'. Aldershot: Edward Elgar

Working Papers

Robertson, P., Jacobson, D. & Langlois, R. (2008) "Innovation Processes and Industrial Districts". University of Connecticut, Department of Economics Working Paper Series, 2008-03, pp. 26.

Conference Papers

Jacobson, D. & Heanue, K. (2008) 'Innovation and Location Among Low and Medium Tech Firms', Regional Studies Association Annual Conference. Prague, 25 May.
Jacobson, D. & Musyck, B. (2008) 'an Integration into the Lifecycle of Aviation Systems: A European Network Approach to Innovation in Human Factors', Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference. Tacoma, May.
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