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Conference Papers

McHugh, P. (2010). "From Deficit to Engagement: Science Policy in Ireland". In: Proceedings of Irish Social Sciences Platform Summer School 2009, National University of Ireland, Galway.
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010) "From Autocratic Governance to Collaborative Empowerment; Extending Social Marketing to Science Policy". ISM-Open University Conference, November.
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010) "Systematic Reviews and Co-Creating Collaborative Change". ISM-Open University Conference, November.
Domegan, C., Cunningham, J. & McHugh, P. (2009) "Knowledge Changing lives for good". First Annual Social Marketing conference, May.
Domegan, C. & McIlrath, L. (2009) "Balancing the consumer and the citizen: service learning and social marketing". Changing lives for good: First Annual Social Marketing Conference, May.
McHugh, P. (2009) "Systematic Reviews: Their emerging role in connecting theory & policy". ISSP Annual Conference December. Oral Presentation
McHugh, P. & Domegan, C. (2010). "Systematic Reviews: Their Emerging Role in Connecting Theory and Policy". In: Proceedings of Irish Social Sciences Platform Conference 2009, National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2010.


McHugh, P. (2011). "From Authoritative to Collaborative Engagement Science Policy". European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) Workshop, NUI Galway.
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