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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Carney, G., Dundon, T. and Ni Leime, A. (2012) ‘'Protecting the Vulnerable' in an Economic Crisis: A Participatory Study of Civil Society Organisations in Ireland’ Voluntary Sector Review Volume 3 issue 3 due to be published in November 2012, (forthcoming).
Carney, G., Dundon, T. & Ni Leime, A. (2012) Participatory action research with and within community activist groups: Capturing the collective experience of Ireland's Community and Voluntary Pillar in social partnership. Action Research. DOI 10.1177/1476750312451279.
Payne, S., Froggatt, K., O’Shea, E., Murphy, K., Larkin, P., Casey, D., Ní Léime, A. (2009) Improving end-of-life care for older people in Ireland: a new model and framework for institutional care. Journal of Palliative Care. 25(3)

Working Papers

Carney, G., Dundon, T. & NiLeime, A. The role of Civil Society Organisations as new actors in social partnership in the Republic of Ireland. WP-ICSG-2011-09
Carney, G. and Ni Leime, A. (2011) Civil Society Actors in Ireland’s Developmental Welfare State: a participatory analysis of social policy reform Summary submitted to European Social Policy Association conference, March 2011. WP-ICSG-2011-02
Ni Leime, A. and O'Shea, E. (2009), The impact of participating in creative activities on the quality of life and social networking for older people in Ireland. WP-ICSG-2009-06

Research Reports and Policy Documents

Carney, G., Dundon, T., Ní L.eime, A., & Loftus C. (2011) Community Engagement in Ireland’s Developmental Welfare State: a study of the life cycle approach.
Ni Leime, A., O’Shea, E. (2009) An Evaluation of the Bealtaine Festival, Age and Opportunity, Dublin.
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